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Câu chuyện & tiểu thuyết phổ biến trên toàn thế giới Đọc trực tuyến hoặc ngoại tuyến.

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Ứng dụng Box Novel - Fiction & Story Books

Enjoy your favorite books on the go with customizable reading experience and millions of best stoies, novels, light novels, science fiction, romance, fantasy, fanfiction and more.


• Huge Cloud Library
Provides ebooks including romance, sci-fi, mystery, comedy, action adventure, fantasy, young adult fiction, fanfiction, LGBT, classic, xuanhuan, wuxia novel & more original work. New stories added daily!

• All Story Free to Read
Besides payment, there are many task to get free coin to read your favorite story. Such as review, share, check-in and so on.

• Read Books Offline
Save and preload your favorite stories and take them with you wherever you go, even when you're offline.

• Customizable Reading Features
Build up your own bookshelf and enrich your collections.
Real paper book simulation, text size adjustment, night theme and more for you to find the best reading style.

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