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Cambridge First B2 Practice


Chuẩn bị Sử dụng tiếng Anh Cambridge® First B2 (FCE) đã được sửa đổi.

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Ứng dụng Cambridge First B2 Practice

No ads. No subscriptions. No in-app purchases. Completely updated for the revised exam as of 2021.
Each of the four sections of the app addresses one of the four Use of English Questions.
Eight short videos explain the different types of Key Word Transformation (active to passive, result clauses, using 'although' and 'despite' etc), with a series of exercises provided for each topic.
The Open Gap Fill section takes you through the different groups of 'grammar words' (whether, than, other etc) tested in this question, with notes and exercises for each group.
The Multiple Choice Gap Fill section introduces the different types of idiomatic expressions and collocations you need to know for this part of the exam with emphasis on prepositions and phrasal verbs.
The Word Formation section gives you practice in using prefixes and suffixes to modify the grammatical class of different types of words.
At the end of each section, you have the opportunity to attempt exam style questions in the format of the exam.
The app is designed especially to help students preparing to sit the revised Cambridge® First but will be of value to any B2 level student.

Cambridge® is a registered trademark of the University of Cambridge, which is not associated in any way with this app.
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