Xây dựng mạng xã hội của riêng bạn trong vòng 10 km!

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12 thg 12, 2019
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CloseBy - Discover People APP

CloseBy is a location based social media app which allows you to discover photos, videos, stories shared near you on Instagram and Twitter. You can enjoy CloseBy even without having to be registered to Instagram,Twitter or other social networking apps!


✓ Discover people within 10 km radius of your location
✓ Watch nearby Instagram stories anonymously
✓ Check out tweets and Instagram posts for the latest happenings around you
✓ Send message to make new friends nearby
✓ Follow people you are interested in on Instagram and Twitter
✓ Search any place on the map to explore new friendship and events
✓ Build your local social network easily

Tell us what you would like to know in your neighborhood.
Meeting new people is easier than ever.
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