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19 thg 1, 2018
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Ứng dụng DNA Project

Disclaimer: You need a CUSTOM ROM WITH OMS on ANDROID 7.1.1-7.1.2 (ANDROID OREO IS NOT SUPPORTED!) that FULLY SUPPORTS SUBSTRATUM THEME ENGINE! LEGACY MODE WILL NOT WORK (Substratum will automatically uninstall).

DNA Black Edition is available for purchase inside DNA Project in the Manager page!

The container app requires root permission to enable advanced reboot features. It is NOT necessary for basic functionality.

This theme provides a beautiful, cool blue and steaming, hot red accent on a nice, dark grey background to leave you with the feeling of a totally new device!

Also included in this theme is a container app that houses anything and everything a user would need: tools from a full device and system reboot menu, and quick, easy and efficient customer service to a dashboard filled of news and updates and a navigation drawer filled with all sorts of goodies!

A full changelog is available in the app only, along with a fully updated list of any and all themed aspects included in the theme!

For any questions/bug reports, please email me using the 'Email Developer' option in the Project app's navigation drawer or report to my Google Plus Community before rating poorly. These outlets will help me fix any issues and add any requested features!

Google Plus Community: https://plus.google.com/communities/110825306640961155796

A very massive special thanks to everyone who has helped me in the development in this theme. Lots of people are listed under the 'Contributors' tab in the container app's navigation drawer, but if your name is not listed, please know I am thankful for everyone's help and support regarding this theme, big or small! Thank you!

Enjoy :)
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