5V5 Sci-fi third-person shooter game

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6 thg 8, 2021
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Dream Edge GAME

Head to the Singularity Island and witness the epic fights!
Become a hero and fight for honor!
Dream Edge is a 5v5 Third Person Shooter. It's fast-paced, but with an incredibly deep strategy system. We've prepared LOTS of heroes and their weapons for you, bringing you a fantastic near-future battle experience!

In Dream Edge, you can:

Explore Different Game Modes
There are tons of completely different unexplored areas on the Singularity Island! Like 'The City of Heroes' which has state of the art technology. 'Crystal Crush', 'Hot Zone' and 'Team Match'... We made lots of modes to provide a unique fast-paced, highly competitive shooting experience! Adjust your strategy towards different battlefields and rules, victory can be yours!

Enjoy an Exclusive Battle Experience
Use 'Quantum Dive' to doge enemy bullets, speed up and more -- that's a tip for you for free. We‘ve also prepared a number of Holoblocks to help you use your strategy better during the fight! Want an easy win? Team up with your friends, jump into the most dangerous area, and enjoy the extreme gun fight that ensues!
You're the MVP -- if you mastered the weapons in the game! The physics in Dream Edge feel so real, every single weapon has its own shooting range, projectile pattern, bullet traveling speed and many other attributes. Ice Canisters, Poison Sprayer, Rapid Rifle, Gatling Gun... Take your pick!

Choose From Lots of Heroes
There are over 18 Heroes for you to choose from! Join the Heroes to unveil the secrets behind the Omni-AI and seek the truth underneath the Singularity Island! A Weapon Maniac who's crazy about doing experiments, a mysterious Taoist priest, Agents from the Academy and a Special Forces Soldier... All Heroes have their own exclusive skins and unique skills. Visual effects, versatile skill and weapon system, we've got them all!

Team Up With Your Friends!
Let your friends cover you in competitive gameplay! Dive into the 5v5 fights of the Singularity Island with your friends and share victory together!
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