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Message 50 random people. Follow others and chat. It's Omegle meets Kik!

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Ứng dụng Fling

It gets tiring chatting with the same group of friends that you see every day. Haven't you ever wanted to get outside your current circle of friends and meet people around the world?

Enter Fling.

Fling is like a message in a bottle, except with one modern twist: the receiver can follow you or chat with you if they find you interesting.

When you send a fling (a message, a photo, or a video), it goes to 50 random people throughout the world. Once they view your fling, they can follow you (in which they will receive all your future flings), refling you (share your fling back out to the world AND their followers), or send a reaction (a one-way reply) to you. If you are both mutually following each other, then you can strike up a chat.

Flings expire in 24 hours, so every fling--whether it's a rare animal in a rainforest, the perfect selfie, or something completely random--is fleeting. Fling is the perfect social network to build a following that takes interest in your life.

There is no better way to break out of your current circle of friends and meet random people throughout the world.

**As seen on Techcrunch, Daily Mail, Engadget, Inc, and Examiner**

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