watching youtube videos in popup floating mode.

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8 thg 9, 2017
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Float Tube Pro APP

Float Tube video Allows you to watch your favorites videos from youtube in a floating window on Android , listen music videos .to use the app click on share button on official youtube application and select the app then your video will start automatically in floating window. Or Open the app and search for your favorites videos and click on videos to start watching in floating window.

Float Tube Pro Features:

* video can be play and minimized
* play video & playlist
* movable video player
* resize video player
* easy to use
* continue playing video with minimized
* watch video floating window
* share button
* screen off economic battery
* video maximized by single tap
* floating youtube player
* minimizer for youtube
* floating tube video
* floating my video youtube
* desktop youtube video controls
* free for all !
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