The story of the game starts at beginning series when Goku first met Bulma.

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27 thg 11, 2017
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Goku Fighting: Saiyan Ultimate GAME

The game contains 30 playable characters. It contains five modes of play. The story of the game starts at the very the beginning of the series when Goku first met Bulma, and goes all the way up to the final battle against King Piccolo. Apart from single battles, a Survival Mode can also be unlocked by completing both Goku and Krillin's Story Mode. In a Survival mode game you are placed in a tournament, and can select any of the characters that have been unlocked.

Goku goes on the adventure of his lifetime. Most of the Goku Fighting: Saiyan Ultimate story arcs are represented; the only one noticeably missing is the Piccolo storyline from the end of the series game.

Click inside of the game to START. This game uses only the keyboard. Click on the icon menu on the bottom of the game to see the controls or change it to fit you. If you don’t finish, you can save the game code to your computer and load the save code when you come back. You can click L (Top-Left) to use ultimate.

There are many items to collect in the game, most of which are hidden. Items include those that increase the player's health and/or ki blash.

- Platform levels Goku travels through an area and fights standard enemies.
- Nimbus levels Goku fights enemies in the air on the Nimbus Cloud.
- One-On-One levels- Where one character fights another character individually, like in the tournaments

[How to play]
- Tap A, B to jump and fire
- Tap L (Top-Left) to use ultimate.
- Tap R (Right-Top) up to saiyan.
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