Tốt Craft thế giới được làm từ khối.

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5 thg 8, 2018
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Good Craft 2 GAME

Good Craft 2 - Must have for all MC fans and all lovers!

Good Craft 2 is a game about placing blocks and going on adventures.
Enjoy updated sandbox experience, survival, creative mode, crafting and lot more.

- Skin
- Mods
- Maps
- Crafting Guide
- Exploraion
- Information about items/blocks
- Cubic pixel graphics
- A huge number of types of mobs
- Various biomes
- 2 modes: Survival and Creative
- Craft like on your PC
- Multiplayer and a large number of servers
- Realistic Texture Pack
- Unique gameplay

Don't hesitate and download free pocket edition good craft now!
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