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15 thg 6, 2018
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Trò chơi GTA 5 Tips

Get the most out of your GTA 5 games with GTA 5 Tips, an app that offers some helpful advice on the game.

This app divides its content into four chapters, each one dedicated to a specific aspect of the popular Rockstar game. Tap the home button to access the information, and simply tap the arrows to navigate though the individual chapters.

One negative aspect of this app is its overuse of ads: tap any button on the screen, and you'll have to watch an advertisement.

The tips offered by GTA 5 tips give you access to special secondary missions. Read tips such as 'How to complete the blue dots mission' or 'Different ways to play for each team' etc. On top of that, the advice is written in a casual, comfortable way, as if you were talking with a good friend. GTA 5 tips is an interesting app with some helpful hints for GTA 5 fans.
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