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Hacker Typer

- Be a Hacker & Prank Your Friends

Tạo trải nghiệm gõ của bạn giống như một Hacker khoa học viễn tưởng trong phim! & chơi khăm bạn bè của bạn

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Hacker Typer APP

Use Automated Typing Experience Like a Hacker With Thousands of animations and customized interface and themes to Prank your friends!

Finally, the Most Popular Hacking and Programming app is available for Android.

You can Use Hacker Typer to prank your friends like you hacked their social media network accounts like facebook, youtube, gmail, instagram, snapchat, Whatsapp or even WIFI Passwords, phone passwords, Hotspots and big companies like NASA, Facebook and Google

Hacker Typer Generates Real Time Hacking Animations Making You Feel Like a Real HACKER like the ones usually seen in movies and videos.

Use Hacker Typer to feel like a real time hacker in today's world hacking anything and everything. from social media like Facebook, Youtube, Google, Whatsapp, Snapchat To Nasa and TV Channels and WIFI or Hotspots even!

Have you ever wanted to look cool in front of your friends and pretend you know programming? This is your chance to show your master skills!

You can use Hacker Typer to Generate Random Program Codes that make you seem like a hacker.

Hacker Typer Has Tons Of Facilities Like Changing Customised fonts, Wallpapers, Backgrounds, colours, font colours, designs, speed and much more for FREE at no Hidden Charges!

This site is intended to be a practical JOKE and has no connections with real hacking. We DO NOT Promote Hacking and are not responsible for any trouble you may get into with this.

Hacker Typer Uses GeekTyper As its Base and Respects its rightful owners.
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