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Phiên bản3.6.0 (360)
Cập nhật11 th 09, 2017
Nhà phát triểniCare Fit Studio
Lượt cài đặtN/A
Thể loạiỨng dụng, Sức khỏe và Thể hình

Ứng dụng iCare Eye Test - Eye Care

Visual Acuity Test, Color Blind Test, Astigmatism test,Contrast Sensitivity Test

iCare Eye Test could test your vision and color blindness by mobile!
After the measurement, you can also do training to protect your eyes better.

Eye Test Functions:
► Visual Acuity Test
► Color Blind Test
► Contrast Sensitivity Test
► Astigmatism test
► Red Desaturation Test

Eye Traing Functions:
► Visual Acuity Test
► Close eyes
► Close and move
► Random move
► Move left and right
► Move up and down
► Circle focus
► Blink
► Two objects

Other Functions:
► Data management and analysis
► Improve vision diet
► Improve vision video

Keep the mobile phone in front of you at 40 cm, choose the direction of "E"

Because we have high requirements on the phone's screen, phones are advised to at least 800X480, screen at least 3.5 inches

Reliable data:
1.Deviation of vision value: 0.2 Within
2.Color blindness and color weakness are basically accurate
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