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TênJohn: Truck Car Transport APK
Phiên bản1.12 (12)
Cập nhật11 th 04, 2021
Nhà phát triểnQckmob
Lượt cài đặt5.000.000+
Thể loạiTrò chơi, Mô phỏng

Trò chơi John: Truck Car Transport

Đi bộ, vào xe tải, lái xe và tránh giao thông trên những ngọn đồi nguy hiểm để giao xe

You are a truck driver named John. You can walk free in this open world, enter in your truck and transport sports cars to a destination as fast as you can. While you drive you need to avoid traffic cars and drive carefully because you can crash or damage your cargo on this dangerous mountains, hills and death roads. Park your truck at destination, exit out of it and run to your house. Earn money and buy a license for new cars and earn even more money by delivering cars. You can also unlock and drive a super sports car, deliver it by driving it to a destination.

No crash mode for finished levels, make stunts, hit traffic cars, drive a truck down the cliffs and more.

Can you finish all levels? Only a few people can complete this hard and challenging game! Are you the one?

- Realistic graphics and physics
- 3D truck game
- Walk free in open world
- Enter exit vehicles
- 5 different sports cars to deliver
- Realistic traffic
- Beautiful car transport truck
- Arrows, steering wheel, and accelerometer controls
- Different camera positions, cockpit camera included
- Many different maps

If you experience any performance issues please go to game settings and turn off some features, color fx is very expensive, turn it off.

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