A fast-tempo multiplayer arena io game. Battle other players in the MOBA arena!

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10 thg 7, 2021
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KeyboardWarrior.io - Brawl Arena GAME

KeyboardWarrior.io is a multiplayer brawler game based on arena elements of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), and you can play the game with a simple operation method. Become the champion of the multiplayer arena in endless battles!

- Real real-time io PVP game without AI
- Everyone but me is the enemy! Defeat them all and become a ranker!
- Wheelwind! Multishot! Polymorph! Leap! Let's become a master of control by using your RPG skills in the right place!
- A stress-free game style in the battle royale io genre!
- Match the equipment and subdue the opponent with a powerful shot!
- There are no rules, let's fight and win and challenge the rankers!

A network connection is required.

BGM: http://www.matthewpablo.com
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