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Phiên bản mới nhất

TênGrintafy APK
Phiên bản4.36 (69)
Cập nhật26 th 11, 2021
Nhà phát triểnGrintafy Information Technologies LLC
Lượt cài đặt100.000+
Thể loạiỨng dụng, Thể thao

Cập nhật - Tính năng mới

Hello Grintafiers…
Cool and existing updates we worked on past month…
Few enhancements and fixes all around

Enhancement in the achievements page.
Online payment enhancement.
Improvements and bugs fixing.

Download the app and enjoy our new updates!

Ứng dụng قرنتافاي Grintafy

Tạo hồ sơ bóng đá của bạn và chơi bóng đá mọi lúc, mọi nơi!

Create a game and invite your friends to play with you. The team is not complete? No issue, make a football group, and invite your friends or players around you to join your game. 

Always wanted to be a professional in football? 
Complete your profile, upload your skills footage and share your numbers, there are scouts in our platform that do tryouts every while that can help you reach a professional club and begin your football journey! 

Long story short, it’s an all in all football app 
Grintafy your game … eyes are on you
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