Live Earth Map Satellite View - GPS Navigation App APK

Live Earth Map Satellite View - GPS Navigation App


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TênLive Earth Map APK
Phiên bản1.4.0 (14)
Cập nhật24 th 11, 2021
Nhà phát triểnSlogan Studio
Lượt cài đặt100.000+
Thể loạiỨng dụng, Bản đồ và dẫn đường

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We continuously improve app for users.
Fix Minor Bugs.
Improved UI .

Ứng dụng Live Earth Map Satellite View - GPS Navigation App

Khám phá toàn thế giới trong chế độ xem 3D với bản đồ vệ tinh cập nhật.

This unique Live Earth Map - GPS Navigation quickly identifies your position which helps and gives easy access to search places of your desired places near you. This app also shows you the traffic on road & the speedometer will show you the speed at which you are traveling. Plan your trip with a trip planner; this advanced facility will help to manage your route and gives a route direction to your destination and work as a route planner to find the shortest route towards your desired place. Travel planner with compass will never let you distract from your journey and always facilitate you to find the right direction. Weather radar detects the live weather through GPS satellite and shows weekly weather live reports. Navigate the world with a live earth map that gives you a street view of famous places and tourist attraction spots.
Live Earth Map 🌎
☑️ Explore the whole world now in 3D view with up to date satellite map. Searching for places is now easier than ever; discover cities and famous places is now just one click away.
Street View 🛰️
☑️ Survey the virtual tour of the earth map with Live Earth Map - GPS Navigation. It is relatively easy to locate live images. Scout the places with easy access to world wonders & track them down. Watch the live street view in high quality. Live cam street view enables the user to watch the world live on your android device.
Tourist Attraction 👀
☑️ Looking for direction and a visible route to your favorite tourist spot to plan a trip. Have an overview of the places and information about the famous places around the world
Places like:
Mountains 🏔️
Desert 🏜️
Castle 🏰
Historical places 🗿
Nearby Places
☑️ Nearby places help you to search and discover places of interest, local events, trendy hotels 🏨, banks 🏦, or shopping malls 🏬 and gives the shortest route to your destination.
☑️ Share your location with friends and family.
☑️ In navigation, you get the map in satellite mode with direction. You can choose a certain place on a map and get a driving direction to that location with a live traffic alert of the following path to avoid traffic jams.
☑️ Get the navigation with voice command and navigate wherever you want to.
☑️ Free and accurate navigation with worldwide GPS lives earth map coverage.
☑️ Traffic information with alternative and faster routes.
Landmark Detection
☑️Advance and unique features of Live Earth Map - GPS Navigation detects the place via camera or gallery and gives information about the place name and where it is located and its coordinates. Give results accurate and faster.
Compass 🧭
☑️ Show magnetic field strength with the accurate current location in both 2D & 3D features. Make sure your device has an accelerator sensor and magnetometer sensor otherwise compass will not function.
☑️ Display the altitude; it requires access to your device location to get raw altitude from the GPS signal.
☑️ Odometer or speedometer tells the speed at which you are going while traveling or walking and jogging. Speedometer tells the distance to cover in a certain time.
☑️ Minimum speed identifier
☑️ Inform Average speed
☑️ Trace Maximum speed
Weather ☁️
☑️ The weather forecast is very helpful for everybody. If you know weather information, you can prepare your trip plan carefully. Detects weather forecasts in your current location automatically.
It describes:
☑️Wind Speed
☑️Air Pressure
Live Earth Map - GPS Navigation app enables the user to navigate the world in just simple steps and watch the street view of famous places and draw a roadmap toward your desired location. GPS navigation live earth map navigate your route as a route planner and draw easy alternative routes for you.
GPS navigation and navigation satellite route map search the route for your trip. You will be able to find Traffic Route, Maps, and Navigation & Driving Directions to get your desired map navigation locations on live earth map.
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