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13 thg 9, 2017
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NaviBox uses a small device than when connected to your car, collects all the data you need through this application. To use this application, a user account is required on www.navisat.md

Monitors every journey of you vehicle via global positioning system GPS in real time, receives data from the on-board computer and sensors installed on the car (position, travel direction, speed, odometer, fuel consumption, engine speed, driving style, ...)

Easily position the cars of your family and friends on the map, receive notifications when they leave favorite places, set by you on the map (home, work, school, ...), or have aggressive driving style.
Ensure high level security of your car
NaviBox easily detects the car in case of theft or tampering of the monitoring device, the device continues to work even if it is disconnected from the power source, continuing to be powered by internal power source (battery) that gives a range of up to 24 hours.

Get detailed information about journeys with route positioning on map, find how much and where you drive, how much you consumed and costs.
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