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Night survival in the Woods


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Cập nhật08 th 01, 2018
Nhà phát triểnLit Game
Lượt cài đặtN/A
Thể loạiTrò chơi, Mô phỏng

Trò chơi Night survival in the Woods

Night survival in the Woods

Night survival in the Woods is an adventure game dedicated to exploration, history and character, in which there are dozens of heroes who can be found. Elements of this game are not similar to each other. It's not just a game of survival - it's a complex logical and psychological game with a well-developed plot.

All the characters in the game are animals that repeat the actions and habits of people who live in the city. May threw college, in life she has no solid plans or goals, she returned to her hometown of Posum-Springs in order to again walk and communicate with her old friends. Or just walk along the street and talk with people with whom she spent her childhood. But the world of childhood has disappeared - now all friends are adults, they have their own lives. all is not the same. Now the house seems different, and her friends have grown and changed. The leaves are falling, but the wind is getting colder. Strange things happen when the light disappears.

And there's something in the forest.

The main goal of the game is to study the world around us. May can run and jump, and also interact with other residents of the city and some elements of the environment.

Start unraveling this story right now!
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