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Pill Identifier Pro and Drug Info


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Ứng dụng Pill Identifier Pro and Drug Info

Pill ứng dụng nhận diện cung cấp thông tin chi tiết trên 50.000 Thuốc, BMI Calculator & thông tin bệnh.

If you have a loose drug at home and you are not able to recall what it was for, then use our Pill Identifier Pro tool to get the details of the pill/medication. You can identify a pill by simply entering its Shape, Color and Imprint. You can also get the detailed information about that pill by our Drug Details Tool. You can get information of more than 50,000 drugs (both generic and branded) from our Drug Details Tool. The best part, you can store any medication in My Meds for future references.

Pill Identifier Pro and Drug Info has these awesome features:

Pill Identifier Pro:

This advanced Pill identifier tool helps to identify any pill by its shape, color and imprint. Just enter the shape, color or imprint to find out the details of the pill/medicine.

Drug Details Tool:

Drug Details Tool helps you identify Brand and Generic drugs by name. This is a Drug and medication Reference Guide that provides a detailed information about 50,000+ drugs.

My Meds:

This section helps you to store any Pill/medication name as future reference.

BMI Calculator:

BMI calculator is a value that is measured by the weight and height of an individual. This calculation changes as the individual ages. The purpose of this calculation is to determine whether your body weight is accurate for your height and also tells you if you are posed for any health risk.

Disease Search:

You can find the details of any disease from our disease search tool. Just enter the name of any disease and get the details within a second.

Drug Recall News:

Drug Recall news will help you to get all updated news on Drugs which have been recalled by FDA.


The information provided by Pill Identifier Pro and Drug Info should not be considered as prescription or advice. The app is made for pure educational purpose. The user should always consult and take advice from a qualified medical practitioner or healthcare professional before using any drugs or medications listed in this app. The information in this app is only aimed at helping people get information about different drugs and medicines and also several disease. This app displays FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved drugs. The app does not endorse or promote any medicines listed here.
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