PlayKarma Rewards: Gift Cards & Scratch Cards APK

PlayKarma Rewards: Gift Cards & Scratch Cards


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Ứng dụng PlayKarma Rewards: Gift Cards & Scratch Cards

Earn cash and gift cards playing with apps recommended to you. PlayKarma is completely free to play - no subscriptions, no purchases. It's completely straightforward and simple to use.

How this works:
1) Open playKarma, and view the list of apps recommended to you
2) Install and play with those games for the required time
3) Start earning points as you continue to play

You will accrue points as you play and meet the duration requirements. Redeem your Karma Points for a PayPal cashout, or for a variety of top branded gift cards like Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, etc. Gift card codes will be instantly delivered inside the app.

If you like games and rewards and want an easy way to earn prizes, you will want to try PlayKarma!"
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