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24 thg 1, 2021
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PPT Reader - View PPTX Slides, APP

PPT Reader is a simple and fast tool for viewing presentation files on your device.
You browse through all of your PPT/PPTX files in one single place 📚

Major highlights of the app:

💾 Small in Size: PPT Reader is app is just 3 MB in download size which will dramatically lessen the burden on your device storage.

📑 Simple Interface: Read any PPT/PPTX files with a simple and elegant reader screen which has the essential controls.

🎯 Easy Navigation: Go through the PPT/PPTX file with essential navigations like going to a given page, etc.

📚 Browse all PPT/PPTX files: The app lists all the PPT files in your device in a single place so that you can easily scroll through it.

🔍 Search the List: Quickly find any desired file with the simple search option.

🛠️ Essential Options: The PPT Reader app comes with all the necessary options like Renaming, Deleting, Sharing etc.

Other features include:
- Checking the details of a PPT file
- Sorting: By name, date & size
- Refreshing the list
- List all PPT files in one single place
- Go to a specific page
- Rename, share, delete a file

Download the app today.

Enjoy reading :)

Your feedback is important to us.
Write us on feedback@skydot.tech

Please share the app with others too :)
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