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Roku Remote Control (TV&Player) APP

What if you could control your roku tv with your Android device? Try this amazing remote for roku to convert your android device into a roku remote.
Roku remote app supported Wifi connections.To use this app, you must connect your Android device to the same network as your Roku player or Roku TV
How does roku work :
- No Setup required, roku app automatically scans for your device
- Activate your device Wifi connection.
- Select TV from Tv List
- Wait for a seconds until your connection done successful.

Awesome Features of our remote control app :
- Power On / Off control
- Volume Up / Down control
- Channel Up / Down control
- Menu Button with Up / Down and Left / Right controls.
- Scans & Pairs multiple devices in your WiFi network.
• Easy Navigation menu control buttons
• Remembers last connected device & reconnects automatically next time.
• Watch roku channels on your device and switch roku channels easily.
• All player functions like play, pause, fast forward & rewind available.

Our Roku remote control streaming stick and Roku TVs such as Haier, Hisense, Philips, Sharp, TCL Element Insignia Hitachi, and RCA TVs.
The app is highly recommended when your normal smart tv remote has been broken or has run out of batteries, and you want to use the phone as a roku remote replacement. You only have to follow the instructions and select the model of your TV from the list.

This command is one of the easiest to use because of its clear interface, you only have to select the program and work. If your model is not supported, please indicate the name and we'll review in future updates.

In the Settings button, you can set the tv remote model, and the Info button, you can read and follow the steps you have to perform to monitor and remotely with universal command, it is quite simple.

Quick tips:
Roku remote is not working ?
- Most problems connecting to your Roku can be resolved by simply reinstalling the roku remote universal app.
How to pair roku remote ?
- Try going to network setup again on your streaming stick or TV. This will wake your device on your home network. Then, select “Try Again”.

Note :
This is an unofficial roku TV Remote Control application for these Television brand.

Have questions? App isn't working?
Please feel free to contact us on Contact@realvision.app
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