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Satfinder(satellite director)


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TênSatellite Finder APK
Phiên bản1.9 (10)
Cập nhật10 th 11, 2021
Nhà phát triểnSoftech Apps Studio
Lượt cài đặt100.000+
Thể loạiỨng dụng, Công cụ

Ứng dụng Satfinder(satellite director)

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Introduction To Satellite Locator 2021
Set Satellite Dish is always been an issue as it's hard to find the right angle for your Dish Antenna to align it with satellite but now it's become easy by this Sat finder 2021: dish angle finder app. Satfinder(satellite director) is a tool which helps you to set up you dish according to sattelite position. It will give you accurate azimuth elevation and it will also provide you with level meter to set proper tv dish antenna placement with respect to Gps.This app will provide you with a list of all satellite available in your area you can select dish from that list and set your Dish or antena position and direction using Satfinder(sattelite director).SatFinder uses your phone sensors to detect your physical location and calculates azimuth and elevation needed for your satellite antenna to setSatfinder is a tool for finding live satellites and aligning satellite dishes according to quardinates provided. It can be used anywhere in the world since all TV satellites are in the database.This Satfinder app provides you with a high-precision instrument to create a landmark.This satellite director app will help you direct and pointing you satellite dish fast and easly.You can get the accurate placement of your dish with the help of Dish pointer and set your antenna with cursor movement.This Satellite finder will give you azimuth, satellite director elevation and LNB tilt for your location (GPS-based).Level meter will help you to properly level the surface and set your dish placed perfectly.Best tool to calculator field area or Distance meter on mapMeasure earth perimeter instanty, calculate regional area, or even country Area.Satfinder(satellite director) app is a free area and perimeter measurement app also referred to as GPS areas calculator for land area measurement.Planimeter to measure area calculator & triangle plnar, or platometer and is used to measure field acreage and land surveys.Highly accurate area measurement and land surveyor appMain Functions of Satfinder(satellite director):* Dish Pointer* Satfinder* satellite director* Qucikdish alighnment* Geo Area calculator* Land Area measurement* Distance measurement* Level meter* Dish positioning* Antena placement* satellite dish pointer* Satellite Locator* Gps
How to use Satellite locator 2021: Dish Satellite Finder
✅ Click on satellite finder and then select satellite there appears a list choose your desire satellite from the list you can also search for your desire satellite from search.
✅ After choosing your desire satellite, select the way you want to find the satellite, you can set a satellite by compass, map and camera (AR View). You will also get the azimuth of your selected Satellite with latitude and longitude calculated for your location.

All Available Satellites List In Satellite locator 2021: Dish Satellite Finder
Eutelsat 7B
Eutelsat 8 West C
Eutelsat 9B
Eutelsat Telecom 2D
Express AM33
Express AM5
Express AM6
Express AM7
Express AMU1
Express AT1
Express AT2
G-SAT 10
G-SAT 17
G-Sat 15
G-Sat 16
G-Sat 8
Hellas Sat 2
Hellas Sat 3
Horizons 2
Hot Bird 13A
Hot Bird 13B/C/E
Insat 4A
Intelsat 10-02
Intelsat 12
Intelsat 15
Intelsat 20
Intelsat 22
Intelsat 28
Intelsat 29e
Intelsat 33e
Intelsat 36
Intelsat 902
Intelsat 904
Intelsat 906
Ka-Sat 9A
KazSat 2
KazSat 3
Koreasat 5
Koreasat 6/7
LaoSat 1
Measat 3/3b/3a
Measat 3a
N-Sat 110
NSS 12
NigComSat 1R
Optus D2
Opus 2D
Paksat 1R
Papala D
Rascom QAF 1R
SES 7/9
ST 2
Superbird C2
Telestar 18
Thaicom 4
Thaicom 5/6/8
Thaicom 7
Thor 3/5/6/7
Thor 7
Türksat 3A/4A
Vinasat 1/2
Yamal 202
Yamal 401
Yamal 402

Note: We update List on monthly basis if you don't find your desire satellite here we may added that in our app so download app and review list.

Disclaimer: If you have any issues then you can reach us at our developer address we will tackle it.
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