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TênApp Scan Halal APK
Phiên bản11.2 (112)
Cập nhật17 th 11, 2021
Nhà phát triểnMyOnlyIslam
Lượt cài đặt100.000+
Thể loạiỨng dụng, Sức khỏe và Thể hình

Ứng dụng Scan Halal food-Additive haram

Quét THÀNH PHẦN của sản phẩm để xác định phụ gia HARAM hoặc HALAL

This Halal Scan App will help you identify the preservatives, colorings or food chemical additives if they are Halal, Haram or Mushbooh (that is doubtful). An important app for all Muslims concerned about what they eat.

Use the image scanner of the Halal Scan App in order to quickly identify (in seconds) those products that you should avoid (aim the camera well at the ingredients part of the product). 📷

In addition, you will be able to know if this preservatives, colorants or chemical additives is allowed by the most recognized authorities in the world of food such as the European Union 🇪🇺, American 🇺🇸 and Australia 🇦🇺. 📡

🏺 Our aim is to help Muslims not to worry about whether a product contains any Haram additives. Sometimes in supermarket products they contain preservatives, dyes or chemical food additives that can be marked by different names or E-codes (for example, E120 which is Haram since it comes from an insect). It is difficult for a Muslim to know all these names by heart. With Halal Scan App you will not have to worry as it identifies almost all the names of existing preservatives, colorants or chemical additives and shows them to you in a very simple way. 🏺


▶ ️ 🔍 Flexible search engine:
You can search by E-code or E-Number of preservatives, colorants or chemical additives and also by the name of the additive.

▶ ️ 👁️‍🗨️Identify the additives in the product:
Look for the ingredients part of the product and in a few seconds the E-code or E-number scanner will find what types of Halal or Haram additives.

▶ ️ 🔥 Halal Image Scan:
Use image scanning to identify if the product is Halal or Haram. The algorithm identifies the E-codes, E-numbers or names of additives.

▶ ️ 🕹️ Assessment of each additive or scanned product:
You can assess whether a preservative, color or chemical additive is considered Halal or Haram. This action helps not only us but also the Muslims of the world. And you can also rate the result of the scan and it will be analyzed by our team. Your opinion matters to us, because we are still meeting our goal of helping all Muslims in the world.

▶ ️ ☠️ Toxicity level
Consult which additives are toxic or healthy for your health. In each additive you can know what level of toxicity it has.

▶ ️ 🚫 Indication of authorizations by food associations:
For each additive you will be able to know if an additive is allowed by the authorities of Europe, the United States or Australia.

▶ ️ 📋 Save your history:
All the product that you are going to scan will be saved in order to be able to refer to it again or share it with your loved ones. Then in one click you will be able to communicate said information that the products are Halal, Haram or Mushbooh and to be avoided if they are not halal.

What is Zabihah or Dhabīḥah? 🐏
Animals such as cows, sheep, goats, deer, elk, chickens, ducks, game birds, etc., are also Halal, but must be Zabihah (slaughtered according to Islamic Rites) in order to be fit for consumption.

Some preservatives, colorants or chemical additives are not halal, since they come from animals that are not Zabihah or Dhabīḥah, for this reason they are haram for the Muslim who consumes it. 🐓
To ensure that a product containing animal remains is Zabihah or Dhabīḥah, you must ensure that it is sealed by a reliable Muslim organization.

This app will not tell you whether a product is Zabihah or not, but what it will tell you is whether the additive contains animal remains and you based on whether you are in a Muslim country or not will know if it is halal or mushbooh.

Halalcheck always tells you if a preservative, color or chemical additive is Halal or Haram. 🐄


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