Trong vai một chiến binh Ninja để đánh bại lũ Yokai hung hãn!

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25 thg 8, 2022
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Shadow Siege GAME

As a Ninja warrior, your aim is clear: to defeat the rampaging hoards of foul Yokai!

The Yokai are a blight on the land, bringing horror and destruction in their wake. Only one thing stands between their foul advance and our once tranquil village: You! Use your Ninja skill — swipe to plunge shurikens into their rampaging hoard! Slice them up to ensure the village’s safety!

Casual Gameplay
Here, everyone’s a Ninja! Simply swipe to enjoy shooting monsters with a hail of deadly shurikens!

Over 100 Skill Combos
Wind, Lightning, Earth, Water and Fire. Wield the power of these 5 elements to create your own skill combos!

Challenge Over 1000 Chapters
Your Ninja journey never ends. Hoards of monsters threaten your once tranquil Japanese village!

Build Your Own Ninja Town
Don’t tire yourself fighting those evil Yokai! Remember, a real Ninja must utilize tactics and strategy to gain strength. Mobilize your compatriots, upgrade more than a dozen buildings and more than a hundred technologies as your progress. Fortify your village’s defenses before you set out to slay monsters!
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