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11 thg 3, 2022
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Solo Leveling GAME

Solo Leveling, a game adaption, is still in early development according to its developer Netmarble Neo.

Solo Leveling, a web novel originally, written by Chugon that was eventually turned into a popular webmic.

About Genre:

Solo Leveling is belong to action RPG game with a few quick hack-and-slash combos, such as light but fast attacks, slow but heavy attacks, and charge attacks. Assist calls can be used to order your allies to join the battle.

About playable characters:

-Sung Jin-woo
-Cha Hae-in
-Fighter class
-Ranger class
(Wait for more characters)

Note: The game's release date has not been set yet. Click to pre-register to get the latest information about the game, and we will notify you as soon as the game is officially released.
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