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8 thg 8, 2019
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Space Shark GAME

One PIRATE One WAR! A mobile game for everyone.

If you are a fan of space shooting games then this game is a classic, amazing and the best one for you.

Story of the Game

You are an alien and wanted to conquer the galaxy

“You have KIDNAPPED the PRINCESS from planet novoid and kept her inside the Space Station whereas the PRINCE took his army and came to rescue her. Stop the prince from rescuing the princess from space and beat his army with your spaceship because SHE IS YOURS”

Adopt mode of your choice i.e Story Mode OR Endless
Chose control type of your choice to make it easier to save yourself

Game Play
• Move anywhere in the given area
• Use different ways to survive as long as you can
• Attack multiple enemies
• Add shot strategy for more power
• Use ghost action to hide
• Adopt magnet to add attackers last on their afterlife
• Increase ship speed
• Make dual score with the help of bonus
• Increase health with repair
• Excessive attack by Bombs
• Increased close combat by Melee
• Addictive and cool gameplay
• Universal app for mobile and tablets
• Splendid pixel graphics
• Multitasking support

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