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Stila | Stress Tracking and Monitoring


Stila giúp bạn theo dõi căng thẳng của bạn.

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10 thg 2, 2022
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Ứng dụng Stila | Stress Tracking and Monitoring

In our everyday life it is a common issue to be exposed to extreme stress, especially among students and professionals. The pressure and demand to deliver excellent results in their studies or at their workplaces is constantly growing.

Stila app analyses the heart rate patterns measured by Wear OS smartwatches or Fitbit PurePulse wristbands and determines your Computed Stress, which is stress computationally derived from instantaneous measures of stress symptoms.

You can track your own stress development in real life and get an insight of how your body reacts on stimuli from the changing environments. Stila app can help you manage your stress and live a more healthier life.

Stila app is a part of the research project Stila at the Institute for Informatics at Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich, Germany. Further information on project Stila is available at

Note: activity reporting for wear os 2.6 can be made through either (i) open stila app for wear or (ii) long press on the watch face and click on the preference.

Credits on:
Marcel Heil, Teodora Pandeva, Yujiao Cai,
Simon Rieß, Johannes Groschopp,
Daniela Paulescu, Anna Hubert, Patrik Hagen,
Nikolai Fischer
Yingding Wang (continuous development)
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