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7 thg 10, 2017
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Sublime Text Editor For Android is a free application for text editor (the same with to Notepad++) for android tablets and phones with the more features:

♥ Support multi languages (.txt, .html, .js, javascript, c++, c, python, ruby, lua, sql, json ....)
♥ Support Syntax Highlighting
♥ Custorm color themes of text
♥ Undo & Redo text when edit
♥ Search & replace text with easy
♥ Auto save history files open and changes with multi files edit. (Files recent)
♥ Character encoding support (utf-8, utf-16 ...)
♥ Keyboard shortcuts to quick edit file.
♥ Easy share documents, files to your friend via email, dropbox, google driver ...
♥ Preview HTML files in browser
♥ Quick go to line of a file

Thank you for your using.
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