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The Bank of the Free - Kuda


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TênKuda APK
Phiên bản0.9.490 (290)
Cập nhật12 th 11, 2021
Nhà phát triểnKuda Microfinance Bank
Lượt cài đặt1.000.000+
Thể loạiỨng dụng, Tài chính

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▪ Finally, you can request a Kuda Visa Card! 🎉 Tap ‘Cards’ on the app to get yours.
▪ We took care of a number of bugs to make the app work better for you.

Ứng dụng The Bank of the Free - Kuda

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Welcome to your freedom!

Kuda - the bank that doesn't cost anything. An exciting new banking experience designed specifically for you. Sign up today.

You're busy and we've got you covered. Kuda gives Nigerians an easy way to manage their money by using mobile banking apps on their smartphones. Download the app today, open an account on your phone and request a free debit card!

Keep up with your finances without losing sleep. No card maintenance fees, free transfers and automatic savings — Kuda gives you everything you need to stay on top of your money. Download the app today.

This is Kuda, the free digital bank with a microfinance banking license from the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Kuda helps you save more money and take control of your finances.

Why Should You Use Kuda?
- Open an account in minutes.
- Kuda has 25 free transfers every month, and free debit and credit alerts.
- Save and plan easily with our saving and budgeting features – get up to 15% annual interest!
- Qualify for instant overdrafts when you use your Kuda account regularly and borrow money whenever you need it.

Open A Free Account Now
- We know that every naira is important, so we won’t charge you for card maintenance or account maintenance. We'll even deliver a free debit card to you, free of charge.

Watch Your Money Grow
- Kuda helps you plan your finances and save for your future.
- Take control of your spending with smart budgeting on Kuda, then set a percentage to save automatically and watch your money grow.
- You can also save every time you spend directly from your account with Kuda Spend+Save. It's the smartest way to save!
- We'll reward you with up to 15% annual interest on your savings, so your money keeps making money.

Your Money Is Safe At Kuda
- We know debit cards go missing sometimes. That's why you can block your card on the app (and unblock it if you find it).
- Use Private Mode to hide your account balance.
- If you need help, you can chat with us on the app or send a message to anytime.

Move To Kuda In Two Easy Steps:
1. Open your account: Download the app and sign up.
2. Add money to your account: Add a debit card, send money to your Kuda account from another bank’s app or through internet banking, send money by USSD or deposit cash at our partner banks.

For more information about Kuda, please go to

Spend smarter, save better and get the most out of your money with Kuda.

Download Kuda now.
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