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The TREE-DEV Foundation is an acclaimed Not-for-Profit Company established to augment human development under a broad framework of Technology & Resources for Environment, Education & Development. It is registered under the Companies Act 2013, Government of India as a Section-8 Company with CIN: U85100PN2017NPL171814.

The group has been involved in extensive spread of awareness & understanding about Routine Immunization Programmes in India as a small voluntary unit called SEED-Foundation. Building up a directed approach for spreading awareness on immunization, the group converged & established itself as TREE-DEV Foundation in 2017.

In its first Endeavour, the TREE-DEV Foundation has initiated self funded pilot project TIKA-APP™ on Mass Immunization Awareness Campaign. The TREE-DEV Foundation is also envisaging on spreading awareness about Vaccines in general and Pentavalent Vaccines in specific. The project is initiated to provide protection to all children from life-threatening but preventable diseases.
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