Traffic speedster : Highway Car Racing APK

Traffic speedster : Highway Car Racing


Trò chơi giao thông đường cao tốc Brand Racer mới nằm trong thị trấn.

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16 thg 11, 2018
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Trò chơi Traffic speedster : Highway Car Racing

All About The Brand-New Highway Car

The Brand-New Highway Traffic game is one among a few car racing games based on a genuine environmental and physical design which provides you with an unparalleled driving activity. You need to go through numerous opponents, flee from the harsh police, and identify an infinite number of new roadways. You will jump in a world full of sports cars, adrenalin, and high-speed highways. Apart from this, there are several modes where you can play this game. These include the sunny, rainy and night modes.

What is the Highway Traffic Game All About?

This is the advanced car racing game in the town, jungle and wilderness environments. Defeat the town roads with route racing abilities. Get an astounding inspiration and enthusiasm in this traffic racing game. This exceptional town truck car racing game is all about riding, biking and racing in the sand area.

For Whom Is This Car driving Game?

This highway car racing game is a test for those who are most experienced in competition. Electric cars are going to flash up the roads. This original car driving free game is fully loaded with super quick cars and dynamic racing levels.

Highway Car Driving in real life is too risky but on your mobile device, it is a nicely composed and crafted track game. If you like to race and momentum is in your blood, then this contest is for you.

Car Racing Games Features

  • Start with highway traffic
  • Astonishing 3d graphics

  • Perfect physics controls

  • Practical racer cars

  • Pragmatic Prado car driving game adventure

  • High-quality automobile designs

  • The specific environment with varying day and night

  • Provocative traffic and implacable police

It is one of the best car racing games on Android. You can visit or navigate to the play store to download the game and start playing with your competitor or alone.

All About Game Modes

  • The One-Way: This is a particular mode of the game which appears after you choose the day mode. In the One-Way Mode, traffic emerges from one side like a One-way road.

  • The Two-Way: In this specific mode of operation, the traffic comes from either side and the players participating in the game will have to save themselves from the cars approaching and prevent them from getting collided.

  • The Time-Attack Mode: Here, the players require to save themselves from the vehicles in a similar manner as the last two modes but there a particular difference in this case. The players will be given specific time limits within which they have to save themselves.

  • The Speed-Bomb Mode: In this mode, there will be a bomb where the player needs to save himself from the bomb. The player needs to maintain the safe and required speed for preventing the bomb to explode. Failing to do so will lead them to failure in the game.


This is an exceptional car racing game with a variety of modes to play with. You can choose the version of the game and choose your specific game mode and begin playing.

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