Yandex.Store is the app store for Android devices managed by the Russian Internet giant. Here you can find many applications aimed at the Russian market

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Yandex.Store APP

Yandex's Android app store

Although it may look like Google has no sort of competition, it does have rivals in some countries in which its less popular as is the case with Russia, where the Internet service company, Yandex, is in control of the majority of online communications.

The app store by Yandex

Yandex has also entered the Android application market by means of its own store so as not to depend on Google Play. It has done so through Yandex.Store from where we can download both free and paid applications.

Users can find here the main applications for mobile devices but also those that are aimed at Russia and other surrounding countries, such as those that have to do with the social network VK. They are sorted into categories and from the store itself, we can manage the installation, uninstallation or update of the software, for instance.

To install the Yandex store, we need to have a Russian phone but you can do so from Malavida if you want: you simply have to download the APK, install it and that's it, and you won't need a Russian phone number.

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