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Phiên bản1.0 (1)
Cập nhật02 th 02, 2021
Nhà phát triểnKapirti App Inc
Lượt cài đặt5+
Thể loạiỨng dụng, Làm việc hiệu quả

Ứng dụng zikirmatik

Zikirmatik app is a digital version of tasbih / tasbeeh. it helps muslims

Have a perfect tesbih experience.Zikirmatik app is a digital version of tasbih / tasbeeh that helps muslims dzikr activity.Experience a real sense of tasbih.zikirmatik (Free) is a simple app which allows you to count/tally any activity you wish. Can be used for Tasbeeh (prayer) or just general counting like a tally counter.The easiest way to Salavat.Zikirmatik should be used for praying and making yourself closer to Allah SWT. As use like a Tasbeeh, this application helps you to count your zikir which is being done.Our application is also known as zikirmatik.You can also use our application as a good counter.zikirmatik stores the value even after exiting. Ideal to use as a Digital Tasbeeh.You can save your tesbihat with smart dhikr application which is designed as real tasbeeh counter that looks like a ring. You can use the mobile dhikr application for the names of ALLAH (c.c), Salat-ı Tefriciye and for Salaah Tesbihat. Tasbeeh application will record your all dhikrs.Tap count button on the screen to start counting.Press reset button to reset counter.Elegant and simple desing.
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