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This is the most fun video editor and music video maker. With fun animate video editor, you can instantly transform an everyday moment into a creative video with awesome visual effects. you can create cool videos with never before seen real-time effects.Beautiful video,selfie video,video filters,glitch art,edit video and create your own video.
Why should you use this app?Some valid reasons for this video editor
- Feel boring about the video that the system camera shot?
- Don't feel satisfied with your skin or face in your video?
- Hope to shoot more beautiful movie for your children or parent or lover?
- Want to apply nice effects to your selfie video like you did to your photograph?

Video effects is a professional video editor, which enables, you to add some mesmerising effects to your video with numerous options in store.Choose a video of your choice and a video duration, explore various bokeh effects and other effects like blur, negative, sharp, vignette,glitch art,vintage filter etc., to make your video appealing, using this video effects creator.Also, explore various video filters options, so as to make your video worth shareable among your friends.Want to make your video special, by adding some stunning video effects and video filters to it? Then video effects app is the ideal video editor to do so.Make beautiful video,This is one of the best video editing apps,add music to video,beautiful video,glitch art,cool video effects.

- Edit videos with creative effects and filters, such as slow motion, time lapse, and hyper speed.
- Convenient to manage video files: you can easily play or delete all recorded videos. Also you can share video with WhatsApp, Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WeChat.
- Discover exciting new music and artists.Video beautiful vintage filter video special effects glitch video cool video effects effects for videos filters for videos retro filter.
- Here funimation create more usage of this video.By using this app make beautiful video.
- video editor edit video editing apps funimation beautiful video add music to video selfie video video filters video effects video filters glitch art.
- Lots of filters: more than 40 amazing filters for you to choose, such as Skin Beauty filters and Instagram Filters: 1977, RISE, HUDSON, VALENCIA, SIERRA, HEFE, NASHVILLE,cool video effects.
- Collaborate with friends and people from around the world with the unique duet function.
- Share videos directly to Facebook, Instagram, and other social media networks.
- Create selfie video using video filters,video effects and glitch art.
- Add more filter like vintage filter,sepia filter,overlay filter,video special effects,retro filter,etc.
- Save videos privately so only you can see them,glitch art.
- Funimate boasts more than 15 video effects.Use music over video
- Here we have video filters for instagram,video filter changer,video filter converter.
- Retro filter are also most used feature of this 3d video maker and video filter,cool video effects.
- Let your creativity go wild, there is an effect for every occasion. You will be amazed how creative and fun the results are.
- Real-time filter: the effect is applied to the movie during recording, no need to do post-processing after film created. So it is very simple to use, just like adding filters to a photo, so easy!
- Shoot, save and share short videos so called editing apps.3d video maker video filter app video filters and effects video filter editor video effects creator video effects editor video effects maker.
- Smaller file size: the size of video file is smaller than other video apps, consume less memory storage of SD card.

Video effects is the best video editor for adding effects and video filters to a video. Download this top video effects creator, and add some amazing video effects and video filters to your video, all for free.

Upcoming Features:
-Add music to video
-Glitch art

Email: videomediagallery@gmail.com

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