Video Enhancer Pro - Display photos vividly. APK

Automatically changes the screen brightness. Display photos and videos vividly.

Version1.1.7 (16)
UpdatedAug 23, 2020 (6 months ago)
DeveloperHDM Dev Team
CategoryApps, Tools

Detects launch / close of specified app and automatically changes the screen brightness.

Apps that display photos and videos, such as gallery apps, album apps, Youtube, and Netflix, display more vividly when the screen brightness is higher than other apps.

However, changing the screen brightness for each app is cumbersome and many people watch photos and videos with low screen brightness.

This app automatically changes the screen brightness when the specified app starts up, improving the display and experience.


► Video Enhancer
Detects launch / close of specified app and automatically changes the screen brightness.

► Apps to enhance
You can set the screen brightness for each app.

► Auto Save
If you change the enhancement settings from the notification area, the settings are automatically saved for each app.

► Shortcut
You can enable / disable the app with a single tap from shortcuts, widgets and quick panels.

You can check this app's functions and operations with a free trial.
Please check the functions and operations by free trial before you buy.

【For OPPO users】
This app needs to run a service in the background to detect which app has started.
OPPO devices require special settings to operate app services in the background due to their unique specifications. (If you do not do this, services running in the background will be forcibly terminated, and the app will not operate properly.)
Please drag this app a little down from the recent apps history and lock it.
If you do not know how to set, please search for "OPPO task lock".

What's New

Minor improvements.

Email: ifeeqp2002@gmail.com

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