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Jun 21, 2019

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Video to Text Converter – OCR APP

It is a problem now a days that if we want to copy a text from video than it is very hard to write from watching text from video But we have launched a application that can scan your text easily from video in no time and save it in a text form or text document.

If your time is so short and you have to write a lot of stuff and you are in a mess of writing text after watching from video and the great mess is that you have to shift your all work into any platform or any edit tools for publication or for post to any sites. In this advance world of technology, you don’t need to be worried in that situation Video to text scanner app is here for you to give you all type of ease while scanning text from videos. scan your data from videos within a second, save it for later use within the app and edit your data too within the app before saving.

When you save your favorite quotation written in videos. It is really hard to write that quotation or text from your cellphone keyboard.

Don’t worry, It’s So simple, Use the Video to text scanner – ocr scanner to grab text from video for recognizing text in videos, either handwritten or typed text format.
How to use video to text converter-Ocr scanner
-Open the text grabber app
-Go to select video
-Now select video from which you want to scan text & press
-Now scan text while video is playing
-Within no time your text will be scanned from video
- now your text is scanned and saved in app
-You can copy, edit, delete or share the text easily

Features of video to text converter-Text grabber
-To scan text accurately from a video
-Save your time
-Less chance of mistake
-Scan from video with OCR scanner

you can convert your video into text by scanning text from video with this advanced app. it is so time-wasting to write mail or link after watching a text from videos on smartphones search engine. you will check spellings again and again because there is a chance while handwriting from keyboard so it is very trouble for you to do it, so we developed & designed this application for you so that you can scan your text from video easily without any hard work & make it done in seconds
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