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Vir is a humanoid robot with human-like qualities, emotions and superhuman abilities. He is a creation of Dr. Prem Sahay and he lives with him. Dr. Sahay is a kind old man, he created Vir for helping others. The series follows his humorous escapades as he manages to save the day with his quick thinking and a wide array of robotic abilities, along with his closest friends - Chulbul, the pet donkey, 8-year-old Imli and Gintu, his magical jinn. The main antagonist is Mad Max with his henchman Timbaktoon. Mad Max is a mad scientist who wants to capture Vir and destroy him, but after creating the same robot like him, who will destroy mankind and the world, thus creating Mad Max's other world, where only he alone can rule.

Video Policy
- This application was created for entertainment purposes and also has ads that adhere to the Goggle Play policy.
- The content provided in this application is hosted by YouTube and is available in the public domain. We do not upload videos to YouTube and do not display modified content.
- Please report to YouTube or contact us if the video we link violates the law or violates copyright.
- This application only adjusts videos in a more user-friendly way.
- This application does not download videos from YouTube

Image Policy
- The image of this application is taken from the youtube image.
- This application does not take, store and download images inappropriately from any party
- Notify us if the image in the application violates any copyright, we will replace it as soon as possible.

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