ViGaMuP is a Video Game Music player, supporting KSS, VGM and SPC formats.

Version1.5 (6)
UpdatedApr 15, 2018 (3 years ago)
DeveloperNiek Vlessert
CategoryApps, Music & Audio

ViGaMuP is a Video Game Music player for Android, currently supporting KSS, SPC and VGM formats. ViGaMup was designed to have a very usable interface; so not just be able to play the files, but also have a good experience getting the music and selecting tracks and games.


- Support from Android 4.4 up to the latest
- Tested on real devices with Android 5, 6 and 7, 4.4 on VM
- Easy to use and quick user interface
- Afaik the only Android player using Libkss, more accurate playback then other players using GME, also supports Y8950.
- Using C based OpenSLES for audio through JNI gives high performance, changing tracks and games takes tenths of a second
- Support for dragging around in the current track once the audio has been generated, similar to msxplay.js
- Very easy downloading using QR codes with the camera; visit vigamup.club for music (on some other PC or phone)
- Music packs must have a list of tracks to play, so no pushing next to find the music like most KSS players require, also skipping the SFX
- Track info is supported as well, including Japanese characters
- Logo can be included, they will be used in the app
- vigamup.club has a nice polished Konami package, all logos and track info with correct playing times included
- Notification on >= Android 5 for playback similar to Play Music and Spotify; you can close the app, the nofication and the service will keep running
- Adaptive notification layout based on logo dimensions
- Lockscreen notification as well
- Several Options for playback: play every track from game then next game, loop current track, loop current game, randomise current game, randomise all tracks from all games
- Display titles trough Bluetooth on A2DP supporting devices
- Full playback control with Bluetooth enabled devices supporting AVRCP
- Automatic muting and resuming with phone calls and when connecting/disconnecting to Bluetooth devices
- The SPC features are tightly integrated with snesmusic.org; automatic downloading of rar files from there, get all the track information automatic, get the logo as well, offer playback by unpacking only the SPC file which should be played
- The vgmrips.net integration works the same way

What's New

- Android 8.1 support
- Integrated VGM file downloader
- More efficient extracting of VGM files
- Improved displaying of types of files and availability of others
- Bugfixes

Email: vigamup1@gmail.com

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