Violin & Cello String Quartet sight read APK

Violin, Cello, Viola and Double-bass. Learn to read and play notes ! Easy !

Version1.0.9 (295)
UpdatedFeb 01, 2018 (3 years ago)
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Learn to read musical notes and learn their position on your instrument's fingerboard ! Easy !
• Violin (Fiddle)
• Cello
• Viola
• Double bass

Smart flash card staff training game, with efficient note learning system.

Includes a chromatic tuner, for Violin, Fiddle, Cello, Viola or Double Bass.

Use the on-screen fingerboard, or play your real instrument through the device's microphone. (Violin, Fiddle, Cello, Viola, Double Bass)

Improve your skills even when you are away from your instrument !

Details :
• Choice of notes to practice : strings and positions.
• Choice of notation systems : Solfège-Latin, English, German, Korean, Byzantine, Japanese, Indian (Hindusthani), Indian (Carnatic).
• Real instruments sounds. (Violin, Cello, Viola, Double Bass)
• Translated interface : English, French, Spanish, Korean (depending on device's langage). Need another translation ? Contact me.

• 5 modes :
→ Sight Read Quiz (touch) : Read the staff note, then touch the right spot on the screen's fingerboard.
→ Live Sight Read (Live) : Read the staff note, then play it using your real instrument. (This mode uses your device's microphone)
→ Ear Training (touch) : Listen to the note, then touch the right spot on the screen's fingerboard. (tip : click staff to replay note)
→ Free-Play (touch) : Play on the screen fingerboard. Listen to the note sound and see it on the staff.
→ Instrument Tuner (Live) : Play a note on your real instrument, the note is displayed on the staff. (This mode uses device's microphone)

• Nice help system :
→ Fingerboard with all note names
→ Staff with note name

Kid friendly ! NO ADS

Have fun at play !

What's New

v1.0.9 :
- Cello and Double Bass : added double-arrow button (bottom of main screen) to view fingerboard upside down (Merci Gar Iaou)
- Smaller, faster, more battery efficient

Previous versions :
- Korean full translation (Thx Ji young Ryu)
- Option to show only selected notes on the fingerboard (setup page, click fingerboard or eye icon)
- Added share button : please tell your friends about this app :o)

Email: kochkapps@gmail.com

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