Virtual Villagers Families: Farming Life Simulator APK

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Version0.2 (2)
UpdatedJun 23, 2020 (5 months ago)
DeveloperIngenious Gamers
CategoryGames, Adventure

This is a virtual village family farmer life simulator game. Play this virtual village construction excavator simulator and experience dumper truck, tractor and mobile cranes like in the virtual village life and farming life as a virtual farm mother and farm father. Play big construction site and farmer levels in this virtual village simulator game. You start with heavy construction vehicles in village excavator tractor simulator as virtual farmer. As a Virtual mother family simulator you have to clean the village farm house, pick up broom and swipe over dirty areas until all are clean. Then go to the village farmer kids and open the door and wake them up. Next, go outside and feed the farm animals, pick up the animal food and put in the animal trays, add food for cows and chickens in their respective areas in this virtual village family farmer life simulator game. Now go inside farm house and make village life breakfast, pick up eggs and put on frypan, wait until cooked, then put on plate and eat.

Now play as village farmer father in free village building game, go outside and water the farm crops, go to sprinkler and turn it on. It is broken, so go and pick up a spanner from farm house, Use it to fix sprinkler, then turn it on in farm life. Go to chicken farm and collect all the eggs from the chickens pick up eggs and put them in basket. Now go to cow, press and collect milk from cows, keep pressing until bucket is filled in this virtual village family farmer life simulator game. Time to collect harvest, go and grab the cutter then go to crops and cut the farm crops which are ready, cut all the crops in farm life.

Then go to tractor and drive tractor across village in straight line so that farm is ready to add new crops, then go grab some seeds and add them in the ground. One of the village life cows has left the herd and running away, pick up a whistle and go to cow and blow whistle to make it come back. Wolves have entered your farm and going to eat your chickens, grab a stick and go after them to scare wolves away from your village in this virtual village family farmer life simulator game.
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• Easy and smooth Controls.
• Realistic village life simulator
• High-quality farm and village characters
• Stunning 3D graphics.
• Addictive gameplay, showing all the charm of the lives of villagers
Let’s see how if u have what it takes to be the best villager in “VIRTUAL VILLAGE FAMILY: FARMER LIFE SIMULATOR”: Enjoy the most anticipated Village life simulator game of 2020!

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