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Compete in the world's largest Criterium, now supporting Biking and Running.

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UpdatedApr 10, 2018 (3 years ago)
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Compete in the world's largest Criterium.

Always Compete

Measure your performance against yourself and others 24/7, indoor and outdoor. A Sprint Crit is a timed interval and a new one starts as soon as your last one ends. Daily totals are also broadcast throughout the ride, run, or row.

Your goal while riding will be to achieve and defend the #1 ranking on all the leaderboards.

Highest Sprint Criterium Effort Score
Fastest Sprint Criterium Average Speed
Highest Daily Effort Score
Fastest Daily Average Speed

Effort Score

Scoring is based on your average heartrate as a percentage of your maximum heartrate. The Sprint Crit resets the average every interval - while the daily Crit resets at the end of the day. This scoring model levels the playing field and allows for fair competition between athletes wherever and whenever.

It wouldn't be right if I didn't include a leaderboard for the fastest. I broadcast the fastest for each Sprint Crit along with those with the highest daily average speed. You will hear and see updates throughout the activity.

Built for Safety.

Keep your phone in your pocket while outside and just listen for essential updates to keep you in the game. The application will be broadcasting the names of the leaders to all riders.

No Overlap

This doesn't interfere with other apps that I am using and it is not intended to replace anything that you are currently doing. I still use my Garmin for real-time performance monitoring, I still upload my activity data to Strava for analysis, and I still use Ride with GPS to get me where I am going.

It is very simple to Bluetooth-enable your Garmin ANT+ sensors using a Mio Velo or add Bluetooth + ANT sensors from Wahoo Fitness and others so you can participate. The application has been tested with sensors from a variety of different providers without any issues, if you encounter one, please send me an email with the make and model.

Ultimate Privacy

No data is stored and no users are tracked. Please enter a user name that is unique, because the data isn't being stored, I will not know about duplicates. Virtual Crit will only use the GPS on the phone, if allowed, to calculate speed and distance while the app is in use.

Users are required to have bluetooth enabled heartrate, speed, and cadence sensors which will connect to iPhone and Android devices that support Bluetooth Low Energy.

What's New

Added running support along with option to use the phone's GPS for speed and distance calculations while the app is in use.


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