A tool to create prank viruses. Scare your friends!


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Jan 2, 2019
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Virus Maker prank APP

“Virus Maker prank” is an application, which lets you simulate virus infection on the screen of your mobile phone. An application in set by you time starts a proper program, which is displayed on the screen and simulates a virus. Antivirus program will not detect our application. Your victim will think that his telephone has been infected by a virus and that he will lose all his private photos, documents and messages. He will panic, afterwards he will find out that this is only a perfect joke!

Attention: How to remove simulation of virus from the screen:
- shake your phone and virus will be removed
- in case when full screen mode is off, you should be able to remove a virus by pressing an icon “Touch here to remove virus" on notification bar.

We give you the choice of four types of viruses to build:

The user will think that the pixels on his screen are burning out one by one. You can adjust burning speed by yourself.

On the screen will appear a terminal, on which a simulation of breaking into the system will be displayed. It will look as if a hacker broke into the phone and sent all documents, photos (also from SD cards) to remote server and delete all date from the phone.
At the end a fake countdown will appear. After it a software of the phone will be destroyed (of course it is only a joke - in fact nothing will happen).

On the screen will appear a well-known blue screen of death with information about system errors. You will be able to set the error message, which will appear on the screen.

* PRV-Remover
On the screen will appear a graphic visualization of the virus (skull image) together with a progress bar. The user will think that his photos and contacts are being removed and his phone will be blocked for ever.

You can adjust the time after which a virus will be activated. Additionally for some viruses you can set if the simulation will be displayed on the whole or on the half of the screen.

How to make a joke?
Borrow a telephone from your friend, for instans under the pretext of checking a cinema repertoire. Install an application “Virus maker prank”, choose a virus, set the time an press “Run virus”. Give the phone back to your victim. After the given time a virus appear on the screen. Your friend will be frightened.

Bonus: We have bonus for you. Wallpaper with virus simulation and widget, which will help you to place a shortcut to application on your home screen.
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