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Visual instant reminder helps you remember with real photos

Version1.09 (9)
UpdatedDec 08, 2018 (2 years ago)
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Visual instant reminder helps you instantly remember important things you plan to do. "image worth thousand words" can't be more true with this app.

With couple of photos you create notes/reminders that would usually take you time to prepare. Why spend time on writing reminders when with couple of clicks you can have everything ready for you to remember?

Few examples:

Going to buy groceries? Take few photos of your empty refrigerator and you are ready to go. When in store, brief look at the photos will instantly remind you to buy milk, eggs, or whatever is missing there ...

Buying new shoes? But you don't want them to be the same color as your old ones? Simply, photo your old ones and when in store make sure that color doesn't match.

You are going to buy new tools but you want them to be of brand which name is difficult to memorize? Few photos of the name will solve that problem for good.

Or, after important meeting there is a bunch of important points written on the drawing board. You need to memorize them but it would take eternity to write them down. No worries, just couple of photos with "Visual Instant Reminder" solves the problem. Everything will be safely stored on your phone and when you need them, everything will be available to you with just couple of clicks.

Email: bandiagocorp@gmail.com

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