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Apr 27, 2020
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VMOS is an app that lets you install and run an independent Android operating system within your own device. This new OS not only runs as if it were an app but also is not controlled or dependent on the host system.

Installing VMOS is a relatively simple process that takes hardly five minutes. From the app itself you can download and install the ROM, which will start to run as soon as the process finishes successfully. This new operating system by default is based on Android 5.1.1 and inside it you can install and run any other app or game you want.

One of the main uses of VMOS is having two identical apps or games installed on the same device. In fact, as an independent OS running in the background, you can even have an active game on this virtual OS while playing a different game or doing something else entirely on your device.

VMOS is a very useful app thanks to which you can have an independent operating system within your Android device that you can go into and out of with complete convenience. Plus from the setup options you can customize the resolution of your new operating system.
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