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Vocal academy is a mobile application that has been designed with the purpose of helping young singers to train their voices, using exactly the same exercises practiced by the most successful professional singers in the world.

These singing lessons can be taken by both men and women, adults and children. In the same way no matter what your level is, if you are a beginner or an expert, this app is an essential tool for your vocal training sessions.

We have different levels of difficulty, starting from scratch, we show you the basic concepts of singing, music theory, voice care, first exercises, advancing progressively until you get to know techniques such as diaphragmatic breathing, vibrato, falsetto, melismas, harmonies and our tuning workshop.

In our years of experience in vocal training we have helped thousands of young people to improve their voices and sing better, covering areas such as: improve the voice, breathing correctly, mastering techniques such as vibrato, falsetto, melismas and harmonies.

The voice is considered an instrument, like the piano, the guitar, the violin, the accordion, the ukulele and any other musical instrument that requires careful tuning before being used. A voice trained with discipline and constant work can fulfill the musical expectations of the market.

Exercising your vocal cords is of vital importance to improve your voice, by vocalizing daily with our scales, your vocal cords and the muscles that make up your throat are strengthened and allow you to have a balanced voice and a clearer sound. We have developed a method of music education that places us among the best online singing programs.

Our method is based on constant and intensive practice, we explain the exercises and add an audio practice track for you to practice. The vast majority of our exercises consist of imitating the notes along the scales, this sounds complicated but in truth it is not.

This process of imitation helps you to refine your voice and correct the flaws that lead you to be out of tune along the songs During this process of imitation your hearing adapts to new sounds and soon you will be able to even notice how much you make a mistake. In other words, these exercises also work as auditive training.

The techniques learned here can be used in all musical styles, from Christian music, salsa, ballad, pop music, bachata, to urban music, trap or any combination of musical genres. We can help you improve your voice and you decide to use it, be it choral singing, a religious group, karaoke, record covers to earn money, serenades, fun, as a hobby or to form your own band and start your professional career. It's up to you!

In this app you have access to features such as:

- Singing lessons for all levels

- Complete course for advanced breathing: breathe with the diaphragm, to get the most out of your voice throughout its range.

- Create your account, record your progress.

- Full vocal training

- Vibrato technique

- Find your vocal range and voice type: this information helps you take care of your voice of future injuries and only choose the songs that adapt to your voice.

- Vocal Gym

- Exercises to extend the vocal range and sing high notes

- Rapid heating: Warm your voice in 5 minutes.

- Tuning course with more than 20 exercises

- Musical theory

Notable improvements / changes in your voice

From the first two weeks of training you will be able to experience certain changes when singing. Within them:

-balance in the voice

-adjustment, ear training

-Improves in the rhythm

-Differentiate the height of the notes

The are another important point:

-Flexibility and agility

-Reach notes that you could not before

- Vocal Freedom

- Full vocal range

- Learn to warm your voice

- Voice setting, the voice, and vox tools

- Interactive lessons

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