Voice Calculator-Talking Calci With Multifunction APK

Voice Calculator is an amazing app which can do calculations just by listening !

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Voice Calculator - Talking Calci With Multifunction (Simple, Scientific & Convertor)

This app is equally important for students, consumers, employees, teachers, shopkeepers, working people, for students of engineering, teachers, for clerical work and for other such purposes like carpenter on shops markets where fast calculation is done on daily basis.This is an android tool application that has been designed specifically to make the calculations more efficient and productive through voice calculator features. This performs also as a scientific calculator. You just require speaking the values along with adding, subtraction, division, multiplication signs and getting the results within seconds. This multi function calculator app is also capable to perform long calculations too. This voice calculator is capable enough to offer the better results than typing or pressing the keys. This scientific calculator app can solve the simple equations as well as complicated equation at all. You just need to care about to spell all the equation in one moment and try to not split the equations. Just speak the digits of complicated or simple and get the results through voice dictations. This is free talking calculator that can perform all kinds of tasks with in few seconds. This app has simple and easy to use interface that make possible for you to use it as scientific calculator, bill calculator financial calculator, digital calculator, and simplify calculator. Having the features of free multi calculator this interactive calculator will give you the results of all kind of calculations within few seconds. Voice Calculator - Talking Calci With Multifunction (Simple, Scientific & Convertor) is capable to meet all your expected queries of talking calculator, multi-function calculator, multifunction calculator app, design calculator, interactive calculator, free multi calculator, voice opinion, complete calculator, favorite calculator. This is the best calculator that is capable enough to solve your all problems related to calculations within second and through efficient manner. This free multi calculator offers you all the features of multifunction calculator app.
Now you just have to speak and Voice Calculator - Talking Calci With Multifunction (Simple, Scientific & Convertor) will automatically calculate what you say. You can perform simple as well as complicated calculation by just speaking and talking calculator.

The app is also designed as a compensatory-speech tool for the inclusion of pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).
Thanks to the clarity of speech, ease of use and size of the keys this application is ideal for anyone who has difficulty in recognizing numbers or figures and we can call it talking calculator for blind.
How to use Voice Calculator - Talking Calci With Multifunction (Simple, Scientific & Convertor):

Step 1. Click on Microphone.
Step 2. Speak out your calculations by taking the guidance from the following guidelines, a set of guidelines is also mentions below the microphone in the voice calculator page.

1. For Addition, speak “plus” between two numbers.
For Example: You have to add 24 and 25, to do so, speak “24 plus 25”.

2. For Subtraction, speak “minus” between two numbers.
For Example: You have to subtract 7 from 24, to do so, speak “24 minus 7”.

3. For Multiplication, speak “multiplied by” between two numbers.
For Example: You have to multiply 7 by 3, to do so, speak “7 multiplied by 3”.

4. For Division, speak “divided by” between two numbers.
For Example: You have to divide 50 by 10, to do so, speak “50 divided by 10”.

5. For putting decimal between digits, speak “point” between two digits.
For Example: You have to input 52.3, to do so, speak “52 point 3”.

* For better results use microphone.

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