Voice Changer. Record and then change your voice with many different effects


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Oct 28, 2019
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Voice Changer DIY is the very latest in sound processing software. Full stereo sound processing that you control. Record your voice and change it with many effects.

Create your very own voice effects by mixing any number of effects together, fine tuning their values, and then saving the results. You can even change your voice with effects midway through your recording.

Please try the trial version of voice changer diy first to make sure it works on your device.

Effects include:
Gain effect
Stereo effect
Tremble effect
Robotic effect
Reverse effect
Equalizer 10 band
Pitch effect
Speed effect
Echo effect
Reverb effect
Flanger effect
Phaser effect
Chorus effect
Fade effect
Silence effect

All the voice changer effects can be fine tuned with their respective parameters.

All the saved voice effects that come default with this app can be changed or deleted.

Please note this app was developed for stereo output so using a headset or speakers for play back is highly recommended. A headset also provides a much higher quality microphone for recording. voice changer. change my voice. voice effects.
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