A Voice Changer to play with sound and have fun!

🎤 A Special Voice Changer Tools, we offer amazing and different accent change effects. Faking voice, magic voice, amazing and funny effect can be make through our apps.
📼 Easy tap to record, simple step to change voice, to save and send to friends. Let's play now!

⭐ Special Effects for Magic & Faking Voice:
🌝 Original Your own voice
💁 Little Girl If you are a tough guy, this effects must be suitable
👴 Old Tom If you are a little girl, this can help you change into an adult!
🐇 Chipmunks Want to have more fun? Chipmunks must be the best choice!
💀 Skull Very scary and fool your friends
🎐 Air Sing a song and try this
🌄 Valley You will find out you are in a valley
🗿 Arena The arena, which is the sign for Roma, your voice will be loud out there.
🌊 Under Water To using this effect, you are likely to be under the water.
🎈 Helium Stop giggling!
👹 Monster Scary, for me to say ,is very scary. Don't use it to scare your baby!
🌚 Dying Monster A monster which is dying, compare it to the effect Monster, you will find something different.
🐣 Squirrel So cute and you must like it.
👽 Extraterrestrial A unusual alien, who come from thousand light year.
🌋 Rock A very tough voice!
📞 Telephone Voice come from the other side of the telephone.
👈 Backwards The most amazing from these effects! You must try this!
👺 Giant Most like a monster, but a little different
🎧 Use Earphone Trying this, you must use your earphone, then you will find the voice came from left to right.

We can make fake voice to treat or trick games, make our auto-tune different.
Different Auto-Tone to change, Voice Changer make it better!
Try to fool friends with so many funny voice, created by Voice Changer!
We super Voice Changer, which is the perfect Voice Editor, make fun with you!
Use this voice modifier to change our accent, make others cannot figure out our sound!
Use it to fool friends, to make fun, to decorate your Halloween!

⭐⭐⭐ Main Feature ⭐⭐⭐
Tap and start record: Only one step to start recording, tap again to stop, and special effects are completed!
Use Voice Changer: Choice different effects to preview, to have fun now!
Download: Voice can be download and keep it forever in your phone.
Share: Change Voice is fun, sharing with friends is more funny!
Set as ringtone and notification alarm: Use your voice changer to make more funny effects, then when calls come, your ringtone will be the most outstanding!
History Page: All the funny records will be kept here. Easy to find and to use!
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