A feasibility study using a mobile app to capture data related to mood & anxiety


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Sep 3, 2019
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BlackThorn Therapeutics is exploring ways to improve mental health screening and data analysis. A mobile app that people use at home might help increase privacy and reduce the inconvenience of completing questions about mental health at a research study clinic. Voice My Health™ is a mobile application with a mix of standard questionnaires used by most mental health professionals and a new questionnaire that has fewer questions. Study participants also record a video of themselves reading a short script or verbally answering questions.


• Have access to an Android™ smartphone
• Are willing to install and use the study app
• Are willing to have the study app video record facial expressions and voice recordings
• Are in generally good health or have symptoms of depressive episodes and/or anxiety

The insights gained from this study may improve the drug discovery process for people who have depression, anxiety, and related neurobehavioral disorders. The data collected will be used for research purposes only and will not be used to make any medical diagnosis. All consented study participants will be financially compensated for completing the sessions and can also opt-in to receive a confidential report with the mood and anxiety information they provided, which can be shared with their health care provider.
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